Testimonials From Our Wonderful Patients From Both Our Irvine and Orange Dental Offices

“You take great pride in your work. You’re skillful, thorough, detailed, caring…everything a patient is hoping for…You make me smile more than ever!!”
– Clara Young

“I was on Motrin four days a week. I was skeptical that my jaw could be the problem…I was shocked that the pain I had suffered for two years went away.”
– Victoria Olear

“Thank you for helping treat my sleep apnea. I have so much more energy during the day and I know my wife is sleeping better because you also treated my snoring!”
– Tsong Liaw

“It is so difficult to find a doctor who you can trust, that listens to your needs and is understanding…Prior to meeting Dr. Yang, I encountered so many doctors who did not bother to listen to my concerns and were not able to fix my problems.”
– Erika Silverman

“Thank you for getting rid of my headaches and jaw clicking!”
– Michael Roman

“My ENT doctor wanted me to see my dentist because of my severe ear pain. After your treatment, not only was my ear pain gone, but also my headaches.”
– Wendy Yu

“Thanks for giving me the smile that I have always been hoping for!”
– Yvan Cao

“I could hardly move my neck and shoulder due to constant pain and stiffness. After the TMD treatment, not only could I move my neck and shoulder freely, my whole body’s health has greatly improved.”
– Deborah Lee

“You cured me. My TMJ is all gone. I hardly remember what it was like!”
– Susan Blaschke